If you only know Chris Crocker solely by his infamous "Leave Britney Alone" video, then frankly, you don't know shit. The guy is weird, sure, but weird in a good way, and also really quick and funny. In the clip above, Chris discusses the gay hate on YouTube, and takes the media to task for turning a blind eye to the problem (and if you've ever read the comments on that site, you'd know how rampant and hostile it truly is, and that it is a real fucking problem). "The media wants to focus on how crazy I am and how I'm psychologically damaged because my idol is Britney Spears. Why don't you fucking focus on how psychologically damaged the people who leave hate on my page are?" he asks. True. That. I sat on this for a minute, but I guess we're part of the media (right?) so we will focus on it because it's fucked up! And after the jump, get to know Chris a little better, through our favorite clips of his.

"The Hairflip!" - Advice for dealing with life's problems.

"Bitch, Please" - Chris demonstrates all the different ways one can say "bitch, please"

"Queen of Ghetto" - This video has some of the best quotes evarrrr:
"I'm about to lose my manners and my mind."
"And another thing, I can spell every word that I say."

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