Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah's clothing line, called Twenty8Twelve , has been the focus of much buzz because of Sienna's obvious notoriety. But are the duds any good? Sienna's boytoy Rhys Ifans described their fall/winter 2007 collection as "Somewhere in the hinterland between statuesque and... floaty." Uh, ok! Well their spring/summer 2007 collection is now available on ShopBop, and Ifans' "floaty" descriptor still holds true. The nine pieces available are black and white basics with an over-reliance on ruffles. None of the line is offensive or ugly, but it's certainly over-priced: $310 for a black silk tank with some flair tacked on the front? No thanks, lady. Check out the rest of the collection, after the jump.

An interesting twist on a classic piece...which looks like a highbrow version of something one would buy at H&M.

I don't know about you, but I don't want a silkscreen of a melting breast anywhere near my own. I don't care how hot Dali is right now. Do not want.

Cute, but looks like what an undergrad would wear at clown college.

The only piece I covet from this collection. A sailor twist on the increasingly popular trend of high-waisted trousers. Ahoy, landlubbers!


This would be an adorable look for an afternoon barbeque. I can already picture myself slopping ketchup down those tiny buttons.

Clown college graduation dress.

You can advertise your S&M fetish for a lot less than the $110 cost of this t-shirt.

Dear sisters Miller, enough with the fucking ruffles already. kthxbye.

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