No wonder there are so many crap emails from dudes! A survey just released by Nielsen Online says that only one-seventh of women think that breaking up via email is acceptable, while one-third of men think that it's decent behavior. Men are also much more likely to keep a secret email account: 17% of 'em have one, as opposed to 9% of women. But dudes aren't the only ones out there with a dubious moral compass. Women are more prone to virtual snooping than men are. 27% of women said they'd snooped someone's email account, while only 21% of men admitted to it. But perhaps the most icky statistic of all was this one: 25% of married people have joint email accounts. I'll let you know when is ready to accept messages!

Call me old fashioned, but I think there's never an excuse to snoop in someone's email. If you suspect them of something, put on your big girl pants and address the problem like a woman! Don't go for privacy-invading bullshit. But what do you all think? Is it ever acceptable to search a significant other's email account?

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