A Today Show segment about dealing with the loss of a pet struck me as a bit curious, if only because all those interviewed were women. (Yeah, I know: morning show demographics.) I wouldn't go so far as to say that women feel the death of a companion animal more acutely than men, but I wondered: John Grogan of Marley & Me notwithstanding, are men able to let go more easily? Take one piece of news coming across the wires: Bernann McKunney, a 50-year-old California woman, is dealing with the loss of her beloved pit bull, Booger, by having him cloned.

Then there's my fiance's inability to understand why — a quarter-century later — my mother and I still burst into tears when recounting the lives (and deaths) of our four family dogs...and he's an animal lover. Of course, it is very probable that I am totally full of (dog) shit on this entire issue, but you know, it's Friday, and any excuse to write about animals &c. Clip above.

First Order For Pet Dog Cloning [BBC]

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