We're not the only ones to take note of the rampant jerk-offery of the good old Daily Mail. This ingenious blogger started Daily Hate Myself, where s/he calls out the ridiculousness of the Daily Mail's commenters. Here's a great little nugget from a dude named Paul from Lancashire, commenting on "Cash? Status? Sorry Chaps, Ladies Like Men For Their Looks": "Remember ugly guys, this survey relates to British 'girls', you know the podgy ones who really shouldn't be wearing the tight clothes and low slung jeans." What a classy bloke that Paul is! Maybe his mom smoked when he was in utero, because that's what the DM is encouraging today. "Smoking during the first four months of pregnancy does the unborn baby no harm, a new study claims today," claims the snooze paper. Uh, not so sound advice! [Daily Hate Myself, Daily Mail]