Does the pinko New York Times have a covert bias against abortion? The New Republic's Debbie Nathan thinks so. Nathan posits that while superficially, the Times supports pro-choice legislation, sex-education and birth control availability, "Not a season goes by that a news item or magazine feature doesn't imply that women who get abortions are acting with egotism, unhealthiness, and cruelty." The most recent example Nathan uses is Annie Murphy Paul's piece, "The First Ache," which ran last weekend in the Times Magazine. Paul quotes a doctor who says that fetuses can start to feel pain at 20 weeks, but also quotes a host of other doctors who vehemently disagree with that stat. Even so, Nathan argues, "Paul never specifies that the vast majority of abortions—more than 96 percent—are performed before 18 weeks' gestation, the earliest date being claimed for the beginning of fetal pain...Without these statistics, the article's main effect is to make female readers feel guilty and confused about abortion." Is Nathan being nitpicky, or does she have a point? [The New Republic]