As the New York Times pointed out today, "Victoria's secrets are pretty much overexposed at this point. "Ahh, whatever," Victoria says. "Let me let you in on a little something, girls. You want sex? Hit the guy real hard with blunt sex objects."" So what's a girl looking for some cheap yet coy and classily seductive lingerie to do? Clearly Bebe, makers of trashy-classy garments for teens who want to look like whores and whores who want to look like teens, thinks it can fill this niche. Unsurprisingly, it cannot. Bebe has broadened its horizons beyond poly-posing-as-satin pencil skirts with blouses cut so low the world is your gynecologist and into lingerie. And sadly, they held a runway show in Los Angeles last night to show off their looks! Suffice it to say, the stuff makes Victoria's Secret look like La Perla. Some selected images, after the jump.

At least it's lacy? And worn by a model who makes me think of Audrey Tatou?

At least it's sort of a dress? A really slutty dress you would never wear anywhere, for sure, could be comfortable to wear when it's laundry day and you have no clean clothes.

Silk tap shorts are cute. So why pair them with an insane floral coat with a heavy patent belt?

Who wants to fuck The Lady of Shallot?

Why, I never would have thought to pair a puke green pea coat with a sheer polka dot slip!

I'm sorry, this model looks like a tranny. And in this look, a tranny hooker.

Um, did Pink by Victoria's Secret crash the party?

In the words of Nina Garcia on Project Runway: It looks cheap and does not take into account a woman's body. It is aesthetically unpleasing.

There are no words.

Chug-a-Lugging Aphrodisiacs [NYT]