Those models on Deal or No Deal? They're like totally more than just pretty faces. No, like seriously. Reports the New York TImes: "Stacey Gardner, the usual holder of suitcase No. 2, graduated from law school and says she passed the California bar exam in 2005. Pilar Lastra, No. 14, was Playboy's Miss August 2004. Aliké Boggan, No. 20, interprets services for the hearing-impaired at her church. Aubrie Lemon, who usually carries No. 23 but who was No. 6 at a recent taping, plays the harp and says she passed the qualifying exam for Mensa." And yet, says the Mensa-aspiring harpist, "It's nice to kind of exercise my brain a little bit and show I still have it up there. It can just go numb if you sit here for 10 or 12 hours. But a lot of us here are very smart. You would be surprised because we all have this Barbie-doll facade." [NYT]