Last night, VH1 aired a documentary called Britney's Secret Childhood which attempted to understand her psyche today via archival child pageant footage, interviews with the townsfollk of Kentwood, LA, and old love letters she wrote to her high school sweetheart. Although the doc stopped after the birth of Sean Preston (ha! remember when we thought rock bottom was when she married K. Fed, walked barefoot into gas station bathrooms, and drove around with an infant on her lap?), we learned some stuff we previously hadn't known, like how Lynne Spears chose the name Britney, ("Britney" reminded her of "British"). Seriously. Lynne, BTW, did not come off well in the program, and is basically accused of being less of a mother and more of calculating pimp. Also, Britney's high school boyfriend is interviewed, and owns up to the fact that he was the one to sleep with her first, not Timberlake. It's re-running tonight at 1 a.m. Watch it!