I'm obsessed with "the entertainment news hour" of The Insider and Entertainment Tonight. I just feel like I'm in a Paul Verhoeven-like society whenever I watch the show, with all its sparkly graphics and ridiculous commentary. It's like a giant hand that reaches into people's skulls to pet their brains, and wipe away any excess brain cells. Recently, it occured to me that the ratio of time spent actually reporting on stories and time spent teasing the stories might be dangerously close... and I was right! After the jump, an analysis of yesterday's episodes, with a pie chart! And speaking of pie, did you ever notice TI and ET's obsession with obesity and anorexia? Either people are eating too much or too little. Above is a clip of the shows' coverage of Temptresse—the new William Hung of American Idol— and "the anorexic twins."

Last night The Insider devoted 3 minutes and 25 seconds to the anorexic twins, while Entertainment Tonight devoted 3 minutes and 9 seconds to Temptresse's and her mother's obesity. Overall, The Insider spent 12.76 minutes reporting actual news, while 7.85 minutes were spent teasing what would be reported. The other 9 minutes were devoted to commercials.


Entertainment Tonight spent 13 minutes reporting, 6 minutes teasing, and 11 minutes on commercials.