London's Fashion Week kicked off almost as soon as New York's ended, and yesterday, three of the biggest names in British fashion — Paul Smith, Louise Goldin, and the revived house of Ossie Clark — showed. And while I'm digging Goldin's perverse knits (and we would love the giant hood she closed her show with, at left), I'm afraid that Smith's layered smocks are destined to leave wearers looking frumpy. As for new Ossie Clark, well, it's a strange fusion of looking too dated and too futuristic. See for yourself with selected images of the good, bad, and ugly from each show, after the jump.

Paul Smith:
Sunny and bright, with a playful twist on a trumpet skirt. Verdict: Good.

And English garden's...weeds. Verdict: Bad

I suspect even the Olsen twins would protest this shapeless, pointless layering. Verdict: Ugly

Louise Goldin:
That sweater grandma knit you for Christmas never looked so rebellious. Verdict: Good.

Though I like the concept, I feel puffy just looking at it. Verdict: Bad.

I like a good pair of long johns, but I'm gonna have to just say no to this walking yeast infection/knit body suit. Verdict: Ugly.

Ossie Clark:
Demure and feisty, all at the same time. Verdict: Good.

The same look could probably be achieved through industrious Salvation Army-searching. Verdict: Bad.

It's alive! Verdict: Ugly.

[All images via Getty.]