Finally: Another awards ceremony! At last night's Grammys, celebrities seemed eager to cuddle up to the warm and welcoming bosom of a red carpet, and for the most part, everyone cleaned up nicely. Hell, even Lisa Rinna looked good, forgoing her usual penchant for leopard print for sleek silver. Other big successes: Alicia Keys, who always looks sleek; Fergie, who kept things minimal and sunny; Natasha Bedingfield, who dazzled in royal purple; and Rihanna, who had the most exciting dress of the evening by far — short, snappy, dazzling. But of course, there were the losers, too, and we don't just mean the people who went home without statuettes. Carole King would have been better off in a tapestry than what she was wearing; Taylor Swift looked like she was headed to the prom; Cyndi Lauper looked like the Bride of Frankenstein, and we're not sure what the hell Kelis was thinking. Galleries of the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Grammy Awards, after the jump.

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The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly:

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