One year ago today, Anna Nicole Smith died in a Florida casino hotel of a drug overdose (the toxicology report, incidentally, read like War and Peace). And while it may seem like a really obvious statement, I have to say that what sucks most about her being gone is that she's not here anymore to make me smile by being drunk at awards shows, having babies in lawless countries and then selling the filmed content to tabloid TV shows, and introducing the world to her toothless cousin... you know, all those huge contributions that she made to pop culture. Anyway, after the jump, the top 10 reasons why I miss her.

1.) How she presented performers at awards shows:

2.) Her art:

3.) Her acting:


4.) Her resourcefulness for being able to orgasm:

5.) Her resourcefulness for making a quick buck by any means necessary:


6.) Her love of Jesus, who btw, never bothered to take the wheel here:

7.) Her ability to make everyone around her just as intoxicated:


8.) Her fashion sense, which was at times, totally on point:

9.) How she shopped for sex toys while wasted:


10.) Her cousin Shelly: