Madonna and Gucci teamed forces last night to raise awareness (and money) for UNICEF's efforts to aid Malawi, the African country beset, like many, from epidemics of AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. (It is also the nation where Madonna's adopted son David was born.) But onto the clothes! Maybe it's because red carpet regulars were deprived of all their usual awards shows, but they really packed a punch last night. Sure Madonna and little Lourdes looked sweet and polished, but Becki Newton's dress made my heart skip a beat and Ellen Pompeo turned from a fashion don't into a fashion do literally overnight. (As for Rachel Zoe? She looked more terrifying than usual in hot pink.) The good, the bad, and the ugly, after the jump.

The Good::

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise might be psycho, but always look sleek.

Liya Kebede, can I be you when I grow up?


Words I never thought I would say: I love how Ellen Pompeo is dressed.

The color of Becki Newton's dress got me hot.

The Bad:


Lucy Liu's dress was probably a dazzling sketch...but the execution seems a little off.

Drew Barrymore's skirt and belt combo is a little much.


That shapeless black gown isn't doing Cynthia Nixon any favors.

J. Lo: Stay home! You look so uncomfortable!

The Ugly:


Rachel Zoe: Then, now, always.

Molly Sims should refrain from wearing floral sculptures.