Donna Karan does a lot of typically ridiculous fashion industry stuff in the name of not being the average typically ridiculous fashion industry person, but her orange bicycles take proverbial ayurvedic macrobiotic unitarian wedding cake. In the name of reducing our dependence on foreign oil/increasing our dependence on branded objects, DKNY's guerrilla marketing team chained these orange bikes all over Manhattan during Fashion Week. Yeah, chained. Meaning, the bikes were:

  • Locked up and therefore unusable
  • occupying valuable parking spaces that might otherwise be used by actual bicyclists
  • and/or chained illegally to trees
  • shamelessly/tastelessly aping the "Ghost Bike" phenomenon whereby bicyclists killed in the line of carbon footprint reduction are memorialized with decorative bikes chained near the intersections at which they died.


Mercifully, citizens (including one loyal Jezebel reader!) have been putting the bikes out of their misery, using bolt-cutters to set them free.

The reader writes:

well when i cut the lock at prince and west broadway this old lady looked incredibly frightened. she sort of froze and her jaw was hanging open. i think she thought i was going to mug her. then i headed over to prince and broadway to free the bike in front of dean and deluca. while i was setting up the bolt cutters an old couple walked by. it was saturday afternoon and they were out shopping. the man said: I hope that's your bike. i said: it's not mine, it's donna karen's. and i'm not taking it. i'm just taking off the lock. at this point they looked perplexed. i said, it's like graffiti, trash. they leave this stuff all over the city. and expect somebody else to come clean it up! well, that's what i'm doing. and the woman said: 'ah, yes.' the couple nodded with understanding and approval. by this point 20 seconds had passed and i was still struggling with the bolt cutters and the chain the woman said: i think we'd better get out of here.


But they had seen it with their very own eyes: the Bernie Goetz of the hedge fund bonus-bloated, corporate-controlled, Fashion Week-addled, iPhone dependent New York. And they were pleased.

Happy fash week, Donna!

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