West Virginia does things just a little differently than the rest of us. For instance, they've got 30 pledged delegates, but, oh no, they don't just allow the Republican voters of West Virginia elect them. They hold a convention with the big party people, and then they let those conventioneers vote to whom 18 of the state's delegates will go now and, then in May, they'll let the rest of the voters pick who get the other 9, after there's no one but the main guy left in the race (plus, they'll have 3 unpledged delegates). So, after the first round of balloting this morning, Romney was leading but didn't have the 50% he needed to win, so the convention broke for lunch. When they came back, only 10 people voted for McCain, and the rest... for Huckabee. McCain's people were so determined to deny Romney those 18 delegates that he had his people tell everyone to vote for Huckabee, not their consciences, to give himself a better chance of winning the delegate race today. Romney's naturally crying foul, but what's Mr. Helmet Hair Venture Capital going to do about it? [Charleston Gazette]