An episode of MTV's documentary series True Life called I Have a Husband in Iraq aired this weekend, focusing on what life is like for (often very young) military wives today and two of the women featured — Vicky, 20, and Crystal, 21 — were of particular interest. Vicky, who married her high school sweetheart, lives on a military base, doesn't work, doesn't go to school and is, quite frankly, living it up. Her husband has been gone for so long that she says she feels no real connection to him, and admits that she isn't looking forward to his return. Crystal, who enlisted in the army while still in high school, married her husband (also a soldier) after knowing him for only six weeks. Now out of the Army and raising the couple's child, Crystal says she's jealous of her husband's deployment to Iraq because being a housewife is a lot more difficult than being at war. Clip above.