"Have the people at Time Inc. been reading Jezebel?" a tipster asked us this morning. "This media query just came across the wire to my inbox: "I'm looking for someone who can help answer the question: Why do certain sexual positions cause more recurrent UTIs?" As an irredeemably lazy chronic UTI-sufferer who never gets laid or goes to the doctor, I thought I'd add some questions to her query: if you treat your UTI with Uristat and raw unsweetened cranberry juice, what are the odds your immune system eventually kills it? Why does it sometimes seem that the mere act of thinking about a urinary tract infection seems capable of causing one? If it seems to go away naturally and you're feeling okay for now, or at least till the next time you miraculously have sex, is it wise to ask your ER doctor friend for a Cipro prescription anyway? Why does the Uristat packaging always manage to draw blood? Don't those guys know you need to bust into those pills URGENTLY?? If 90% of UTIs are caused by e.Coli as the Uristat website informs me, do vegetarians generally get UTIs from boys who eat meat?

Is this the real reason for being a "vegansexual"?

And finally, could the government ban lacing the feed of farm animals with antibiotics already? In a few years there are going to be no drugs for this. (That's why I try to keep my immune system in working order.) (Or something.)

Oh, and why is the image of Uristat I just downloaded from the corporate website called "beauty"?

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