It seems fairly obvious to any sane person that innate personality traits are not a harbinger of malignant mammaries, but, apparently in 1996, researchers in the Netherlands thought otherwise — thinking they had discovered a link between "stoicism" in women and breast cancer. Not surprisingly, 12 years later, those same researchers are singing a different tune: after studying the same group of 9,700 women for another ten years, the scientists, led by Eveline Bleiker, Ph.D., found no link between anti-emotionality and breast cancer. (Scientists also discovered that there is no link between owning a blender and getting breast cancer.) In all seriousness, however, cancer researchers are also working to knock down more prevalent myths, explains Reuters, namely, the urban legends that underwire bras and antiperspirants increase breast cancer risk. So rock your underwires, sweet-smelling deodorants, and your bad attitudes, ladies; you're not (necessarily) gonna die!

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