February is just two days away, and the 1st day of the 2nd month is not only the start of Black History Month but New York Fashion Week. (Think they'll have more models of color on the runways? Unlikely!) Anyway, we can think of no better way to simultaneously celebrate the blessed events and introduce a new feature than by combining the two in the form of what we're calling "Past Fashion". The idea behind the feature is to present a monthly gallery of everything from your most over-the-top dance recital outfits to your most adorable, official grade-school photographs. But before you start sending in Polaroids of that time in the 8th grade when you wore white pancake makeup, heed our call for our inaugural "issue" of Past Fashion, for which we'll focus on the best (and worst!) of black (female) hairstyles..."political" and otherwise.

Got a particularly fuzzy 'fro from 1974 you want to share? Send it in. A crooked set of cornrows courtesy of your frazzled, multitasking mom? We want those too. Oh, and ladies: Jheri curls? Please???? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. (Women of all ethnicities are encouraged to send in pictures of any and all Bo Derek-inspired cornrows they got during that cruise to the Caribbean in the fourth grade.) Send your submissions by February 15 to photos@jezebel.com with the phrase "Past Fashion: Black Hairstyles" in the headline, and be sure to include the date and location that the photo was taken (photos can be from any era). Note: We will only use original photos, i.e. no stuff stolen off the internet. And for those who can't play the game this time around, don't worry; we'll have a new set of snaps we'll be looking for in March. And April. And May. (Prom dresses!). You get the picture. (Well, actually, we do, but yeah.)


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