Know how all sorts of fashion types are screaming from the rooftops about the death of the It Bag? Did you believe them? Cause if you did, well, then keep dreaming: Rising from the ashes of the It Bag is the It Shoe! (Even Miuccia Prada says so, and whatever she says goes.) "The obsession with handbags has finished a little now. It feels over. It's about shoes now," says Prada. Adds Michael Lewis, head of design for Kurt Geiger: "For women, shoes are still about fantasy and dressing up — shoes can make you feel something special in a way a bag really can't. Shoes can give you a different persona." Shoes, of course, also give you bloody heels, hammertoes, bunions and collapsed arches — which leaves us wondering what it all really means.

Says handbag designer Orla Keily: "Looking forward, I think the whole idea of it-anything will be questioned, Whether it's a bag or a shoe, do you really have to have this thing at all? And what about making a personal choice, rather than one that's been dictated to you?" Well fashion is never about need; it's about want. And there will always be a new objet being shilled by the fashion industry, something designed to stir desire in consumers worldwide and simply sell more expensive shit. Expensive shit that everyone else already has.


But if it shoes are the new it bags, we may as well check 'em out: Do you love or loathe the Spring 2008 Prada shoes? After all, if you can't beat 'em...

Make Way For The It Shoe [Independent]

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