Last night 60 Minutes interviewed an FBI interrogator who had spent seven months hanging (See what we did there? You can thank Richard for the pun) with Saddam Hussein. What we learned: Saddam, much like Terrence Howard, is a lyrical consumer of baby wipes; Saddam didn't really regret gassing the Kurds but he destroyed most of his weapons of mass destruction because they were getting too expensive to maintain and only pretended to still have them to ward off attack from Iran; the FBI threw him a birthday party replete with Lebanese cookies baked by the interrogator's mom; when asked about his loser-rapist sons he told the interrogator, "You can't choose your kids." But the biggest bombshell was his unexpected defense of Iraqi women: apparently he made the decision to invade Kuwait — and start the first Gulf War — in response to Kuwaiti Emir Al-Sabah's threat to "turn every last Iraqi woman into a ten-dollar prostitute." Clip above.