On Monday, CNN posted a story on its site examining the "dilemma" for black female voters this year: Do you vote for the black guy or the chick? Almost immediately, CNN received angry reactions to the story. We also mentioned that a new poll shows that more Americans are ready for a black president than a female one; and the struggle between suffragists and the civil rights leaders — essentially a blacks vs. women battle — is one that is centuries old. But why get feedback solely from CNN readers when there are two black women working at Jezebel? Presidential politics, disillusionment and no real answers, in an IM conversation between Anna and myself, after the jump. (I'm pink.)

(This is the passage:)

During a heated meeting in New York City's Steinway Hall in 1869, Stanton wondered, "Shall American statesmen ... so amend their constitutions as to make their wives and mothers the political inferiors of unlettered and unwashed ditch-diggers, bootblacks, butchers and barbers, fresh from the slave plantations of the South?" At which point, Douglass rose, paid tribute to Stanton's years of work on civil rights for all, and replied, "When women, because they are women, are hunted down through the cities of New York and New Orleans; when they are dragged from their houses and hung from lampposts; when their children are torn from their arms and their brains dashed out upon the pavement; when they are objects of insult and rage at every turn; when they are in danger of having their homes burnt down... then they will have an urgency to obtain the ballot equal to our own."

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