As we all know, Hillary Clinton is reaching out to the 18 - 34 demo by appearing on Tyra today. Apparently the two will talking about body image, health care, and text messaging. No, seriously, it says so on Tyrant's site! What do you think Tyra has planned for the "Never Been Asked" questions segment? Well, we're gonna find out, and we're probably gonna laugh at it. So stay tuned as Moe and I live blog Tyra Banks' interview with another presidential hopeful, after the jump. We really hope TyTy makes her runway walk out!

TRACIE: tyra's wig is nuts. how she has that scalp line that
TRACIE: that's not a weave
MOE: Her jumper is really distractingly DEMURE.
TRACIE: it matches her set
MOE: It's always really weird when someone w. huge tits wears a little girl dress. All that aside, she looks pretty though! And speaking of pretty, Hillary circa 1988 was totally working it.
TRACIE: too matchy matchy. should would lose the personal style challenge on top model
MOE: Okay, so they just played the "crying" scene only they gauzed it up and made it all blurry, like you were watching it THROUGH HILLARY'S TEARS. And that made it look more like real crying.
TRACIE: hahahaha, i like that tyra was talking about doing research for this interview like it was a novel thing.
TRACIE: but to be fair, it probably is. i doubt she really does that often

MOE: Yeah, but remember, she read The Audacity Of Hope too. She's well-rounded!
MOE: Ohhhh, it's the clip again! And they keep playing it all fuzzy like. Are they zooming in on a YouTube video?
TRACIE: they seriously got it off YouTube
MOE: Hillary looks like she's REALLY sick of watching that clip.

TRACIE: How does anyone get up in the morning? I get up in the morning with my eyeliner on my cheeks.
MOE: Hillary: How do any of us get up in the morning? I get up thinking of how VERY VERY CRESTFALLEN the commenters will be if I don't pop that half Adderall.
TRACIE: I'm really loving that tyra just asked her if she ever sits in a room and just "gets lonely"
MOE: Hahaha Tyra totally doesn't know what the penal system is.
TRACIE: that question says a lot more about tyra than hillary
MOE: Hillary's like "I live in jail" and Tyra's like "Mmmmmmmm Lincoln bedroom."
TRACIE: huh huh. penal

MOE: Now Tyra wants to know why all the super oppressive islamofascist terror states have chick leaders and we don't!
MOE: Too bad about that Bhutto lady getting shot. Is Tyra aware? I'd like to think she's aware. I hear Bhutto was actually a Top Model fan.
TRACIE: hahaha. who isn't
TRACIE: hahahahahahahaha. omg!
MOE: OH MY GOD. that teaser
TRACIE: the "never been asked" segment will truly rule
MOE: Should we save it? Maybe we should save it
TRACIE: "which reality show show would you rather be on?"
MOE: I'm gonna say Top This Party: Orange County but that wasn't an option.
MOE: Do you think Hillary has ever watched Dancing With The Stars? I've never even seen that show.

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MOE: Oh now they're showing the "I totally just inhaled" pic of Bill.
MOE: OH, and that was a totally cute sincere moment from Hillary!!! I've actually never heard her talk about their first date.
TRACIE: Sorry I was trying to go #2. Nothing happened though.
MOE: No, although I think it was funny how Hillary told Tyra that she and Bill got married a week after she said "yes." You can tell Tyra's thinking, A week? Tyra takes a week to prepare for the motherfuckin People's Choice Awards!
TRACIE: well, the people's choice awards are about as important and and timeless as a lot of people's marriages

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TRACIE: are crocodiles known for protecting their the jungle?
TRACIE: i thought they were swamp creatures
TRACIE: yes! here we go! body image
MOE: Hahahahaha "what about ...BODY IMAGE."
MOE: it's like, up there with the troop surge and waterboarding you know.
TRACIE: well, cellulite dimples ARE pretty torturous
TRACIE: at least hearing about tyra's anyway
MOE: Did she just call hillary fat?
TRACIE: i think she did. ahah

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MOE: classic lines... going through old pix of hillary's hairstyles is kinda like an archaeological dig!!! Oooooh I like that one, I had a weave kinda like that!
TRACIE: i have to say that i'm enjoying the hair talk
MOE: I know! And her headbands fixation reminds me of my mom.
MOE: She's really at home talking about her hair.
TRACIE: she was really into the headbands with the cushions
TRACIE: yes! "never been asked". here we go
TRACIE: hahahahaha. "do you know how to text message chelsea?"
TRACIE: my mother does not know how to text message
MOE: MY mom has no idea how to do that!!!!
TRACIE: would hillary want to be on dancing with the stars, american idol, or america's next top model
TRACIE: i'd go with dancing, even though i don't watch that show. cause i don't know how to move
TRACIE: oh so i guess me and Hills have something in common
MOE: Was it kinda weird that Tyra equated Hillary with her mom? And like, Hillary has a blackberry so texting should be pretty much par for the course
TRACIE: well, she at least has an easier keyboard

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TRACIE: why are the questions on tissues?
MOE: Oh, I bet there's some perfectly good reason. Like Tyra is one of those people with a debilitating phobia of papercuts or something.

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MOE: Hah a valtrex commercial!
MOE: Reaching out to the slutty anxious female demographic.


MOE: Ooooooh, who has it worse: blacks or womens.
TRACIE: bwaaaahahhaa "i have black friends"
MOE: Does Tyra have black friends?
TRACIE: yeah, miss j.
TRACIE: and her mom
TRACIE: those are her only friends
MOE: 100% black.

MOE: Oh Tyra you're full of shit - you're never scared to talk.
MOE: except to her studio audience I guess.
TRACIE: hahahah, but i just caught tyra mention that she reads the ny times "every single day." 'cause she's smart
MOE: Oh my god she used to read the New York Times every single day!
MOE: how long do you think that lasted?
TRACIE: 2 days
TRACIE: "where are the comic strips?"
MOE: Oh man, i'm looking back at the Tyra episode
MOE: We got cheated out of our crystal ball!!!
TRACIE: "vote people"
TRACIE: tyra is the voice of god, once again
MOE: Yeah, I don't know if it's just your masterful editing but Barack was an awesome episode.
TRACIE: yeah, this one is a snoozer

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MOE: Where was the Kimora impression? How come she didn't invite herself to come stay in the Oval Office?
MOE: Oh JESUS Tyra. Like our vote is so "powerful." Didn't the New York Times teach you about the electoral college?