The Chanel Night of Diamonds dinner held last night at The Plaza Hotel in New York (which, btw, is no longer a hotel, but a bunch of really expensive condos) was yet another excuse for Chanel to toot its own horn. Seriously, is there any other way to rationalize a black-tie dinner in honor of a jewelry collection? One thing's for sure, we're damn thankful that the stars who turned out for the event know how to dress themselves! (Sure - they didn't really dress themselves — most all of them were in loaners handpicked by Chanel PR, but who has time to nitpick when there's an opportunity to drool over the gown modeled by Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. [Moe disagrees, saying "it looks like Nightmare On Goth Prom Street". -Ed.]) Then, of course, there was Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo. Seriously, we haven't seen a red carpet disaster this bad in ages. See for yourself with the full good, bad, and ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Helena Christensen: one of the few models who actually has personal style.

Christy Turlington & Ed Burns are the heterosexual coupling equivalent of Chanel No. 5. Contemplate.

It's not easy to rock rosettes. Selma Blair does it with aplomb.

The Bad:

In the words of Slut Machine: Stripper? Or New Jersey teenager? Or [gasp] Margerita Missoni?

Did no one tell Barbara Bush to stand up straight? Also, everyone knows Krazy Karl is a Hillary supporter — we suspect he instructed this dress to choke the First Daughter.

Did no one tell Tory Burch that this was a black tie affair?

The Ugly:

Holy shit: Ellen Pompeo looks like the bastard love child of the Crypt Keeper and Daisy Buchanan!