"Initially, this one comes across as a bit date-rapey, but linger on that face for a few minutes, and you'll end up pregnant. It would be tasteless to say that I would ride him like a rented mule, but I would ride him like a rented mule." That's someone from a blog called SLCOutsider, in case you didn't get your fill of Romneyspawn gawktion today. By popular demand!* [SLC Outsider]

*Hello. You. Motherfucking Crazy Crackhead Commenters. I received this tip exactly ONCE. A week ago. Did I really give a shit about Romney a week ago? No. He's stiff as a board. McCain was on top. I thought he was toast. I didn't see this fucking site. If I had I wouldn't have bothered enlisting Megan on my slapdash inferior effort at rating them for ourselves. And I ESPECIALLY wouldn't have bothered resizing the MySpace pictures with my retarded ghetto Photoshopless method of using Preview and "Grab." (My hard drive melted down recently and I haven't gotten a new Photoshop.) ANYHOW. And whoever commented that my "silence was deafening" needs to be silenced. But thanks for enlisting Krucoff.