Debra Lafave, the Florida teacher convicted of having sex with one of her male students, was spared jail yesterday after violating her probation. In honor of the occasion, Larry King got "original" naughty schoolteacher, Mary Kay Letourneau (what is it with these pedophile women and surnames with the sound "Lay" in them?), on the phone to weigh in. Mary Kay, 46, told King that she thinks yesterday's court decision regarding LaFave was "fair", and chatted briefly about her family life with her former child lover/now-husband Vili Fualaau, 24, and their two daughters. And even though she's not allowed to teach ever again, Letourneau couldn't help but gently correct King's pronunciation of her husband's last name. (It's about time someone called King out on his idiotic, ignorant utterances. Doesn't he listen to his producers?). Clip above.

Hugs, 'Girl Talk' Won't Send Sex Scandal Teacher To Jail [CNN]