Remember yesterday evening's speculation that missing pregnant 20-year-old Marine Maria Lauterbach's disappearance might have something to do with a sexual assault? Well documents have surfaced today quoting Maria's mother alleging that her daughter was the victim of sexual assault at the hands of a superior officer. To recap: Maria's family last heard from her on December 14; they reported her missing on December 19th after they were unable to reach her. Maria's cell phone was found on the side of a road near her military base, North Carolina's Camp Lejeune. There was "suspicious activity" on Lauterbach's bank account on December 24. Oh, and of course, Maria was scheduled to testify as a witness to some sort of incident that took place at Camp Lejeune.

In addition, Lauterbach wasn't just pregnant, she was almost to term. Her due date was January 8. Jacksonville's Sheriff Ed Brown told reporters, "You pray that she's alive." We certainly do.

Sheriff Pleads With Missing Marine To Get Help[CNN]

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