Everything your college roommate told you is true. Well, at least about the magic healing powers of the cranberry. Cranberry juice, long guzzled by paranoid sexually active women everywhere in an attempt to save themselves from the agonizing pain of a urinary tract infection, has been confirmed as having legit scientific capabilities for stopping not just UTIs, but other ailments. (Is it just us or do the antibiotics that treat UTIs inevitably lead to - ugh - yeast infections?) Professor Itzhak Ofek of Tel Aviv University took it upon himself to investigate the little wonderfruit and found that cranberries contain a non-dialyzable material molecule, which interacts with female (and female only) bodies only in a way that yields a sort of protective coating that pushes back bacteria. In the case of UTIs, this molecule has been shown to coat the bladder, thus preventing infection, but the same effect also takes place in the mouth, Ofek found, which is why he subsequently developed a cranberry-juice based mouthwash.

Oh and incidentally? Ofek's research also shows that cranberry juice keeps the flu away, too. No urinary tract infection, no cavities, no nasty-ass flu symptoms? Sorry, can't write more: Must run to store and buy biggest bottle of Ocean Spray we can find.

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