Last night was by far the best Project Runway of the season: The genius challenge involved each contestant designing a prom dress for a New Jersey Catholic school girl. Unfortunately (or fortunately for viewers) the girls were demanding and didn't always know that they were talking about, and most had an aesthetic that veered towards the slutty. Christian, who I no longer love to hate but just plain hate, was served a sweet slice of justice after being saddled with a 17-year old girl named Maddie who just may be the only person in the world with an ego to match his own. (Maddie in the dress that Christian designed, at left.) Who won, who lost, and who spent prom drinking alone, after the jump.

Christian, and his totally heinous dress, ended up in the bottom two. He alternately blamed Maddie for designing it and then said that he tried to make a good dress and bitched at a dissatisfied Maddie for not understanding the genius of his design. Though Kevin's dress sucked more, I wanted to see Christian go home, based on bad attitude alone. He said that working with a 17-year old made him feel "not fierce." Oh please.

The true highlights of the episode came from the designers musing on their own prom memories: "Straight" Kevin is himself a Jersey boy and went to the tanning beds and nicked his parents liquor before his prom. Maybe this has something to do with why he lost? He made a god-awful ugly red short halter dress that the brilliant Michael Kors said looked like it come from the $24.98 bin. Indeed. Also, he didn't even bother to finish the hem!

Sweet P, I've determined, was definitely dropping a lot of acid in high school. In trying to remember her prom experience, she could only get out that she went to Catholic school herself, was sorta a bad girl...and then burst into a fit of strange giggles. It was, to say the least, awkward. Her dress, meanwhile, was one of the top two — a first for Sweet P.

Ricky, unsurprisingly, failed to make it through the episode without bursting into tears, and the waterworks started way before the judges told him his dress wasn't so good. Which yielded my very fashionable and very political friend Joanna to muse, "If Ricky can cry every week, why can't Hillary cry once?". Um, good point.

Victorya, in the bottom two last week, was the challenge winner, but I felt her win was sorta bittersweet since her client only picked her as the designer she wanted to work with because she had last pick in choosing designers. But her dress was cute (even though aren't bubble hems totally over?) and Nina loved it. And a smile from Nina is worth your weight in fabric from Mood on this show.

Chris March, who designed a rather tasteful puke green dress, asked the girls what they wanted to do with their lives. They all giggled and said, "Nothing! We just want to sit around all day!" and my heart broke 1,000 different ways. Then Chris mentioned that he spent his prom night at home by himself, watching old movies and getting drunk. Also, he told a joke to the room: "What would the Flintstones have been called if they were gay? [beat] Fags!" I love him more and more each week.

Last but not least, my fantasy lover Rami, who won last week's challenge, found himself facing the judges scrutiny for the first time ever. His defense? "I'm from Jerusalem. There is no prom there." Yeah, just war! Maybe if only Tim Gunn would tell the Israelis and the Palestinians to "make it work" we'd have peace in the Middle East at last?