First things first. Of course an item of clothing all by itself cannot be "slutty." And a woman wearing a provocative, wispy, sexy, leave-nothing-to-the-imagination item of clothing is not a slut. But there are some slutty-ass accoutrements in the Frederick's Of Hollywood catalog. Victoria may have a Secret; Frederick's girls let it all hang out. Fuck discretion, indeed. But while you may think you know how skanky Frederick's is, you may be surprised: A lot of what they offer is actually quite tame! For lingerie! Satin nightgowns, baby doll camis and uh, crotchless knickers, after the jump.

OK, this doesn't prove anything. This is indeed slutty. It's like, once you've wrapped your mind around the front, then the back threatens your sanity. Does it come with scissors? Because that appears to be the only way to get out of it.

This is more to the point: Not so bad! As far as these things go. It's flirty, but not overtly depraved. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ditto. What she said.

Um, what? Why wear underwear at all? Arse-trinket alert!

But see? They actually have sweet things! It's not all two-bit Vegas hooker! Nothing against two-bit Vegas hookers, but the pink is awesome. Wait, pink is awesome? I can't believe I just typed that. Filthy. Let's move on.

One thing FOH has going for it is that unlike Vicky's Secret, they carry plus sizes in the lingerie and up to size 42F in the bras. It's hard to say if this is because they're hoping to lure implant-wielding Playmates, plus-size ladies, or both. But as chicks with big racks know, it's tough to find a supportive foundation garment in a color other than black or white. Cups runneth over? Freddy's ready for ya.

See? Their copy reads "Sexy At Every Size." Victoria's Secret would never say that — they're too busy combing the streets of São Paolo for the next uber-thin Brazilian bombshell.

Well it swings right back to sorta slutty. These are supposed to "make Valentine's day notorious." No idea why her boobs look so digitally illustrated — maybe because they are?

"Hey, hon. You missed a spot."

God, I love that this comes in plus size.

Will someone please explain why it's "sexy" for a woman to be trussed up like a leg of lamb? Please?

Crotchless panties, presented to you without comment. You're welcome.

Frederick's Of Hollywood: For the best prom night ever.

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