With Elisa gone, is Project Runway worth watching at all anymore? Well, yes, and here's two reasons: Heidi Klum and Michael Kors. Can't they just be in the entire thing? Or can't they just have their own spin-off, where she makes jokes and he laughs hysterically at them? And who knew Zac Posen was such a bitch? In the clip above, Zac and Fag & Hag rip apart the worst of the bunch, while Nina merely sits there with< a look of disgust and confusion on her face. That said, it's always best when the deeezyners get weird challenges like this where they have to make clothes out of weird stuff like candy, because that's when you can really see their raw creativity emerge. We would've thought with the weirdness this challenge would've allowed, Elisa would've knocked this one of the park, but alas, it turns out that La La Land is much different place than Candyland.