Scientists have a warning: Don't listen to celebrities! For instance, of her macrobiotic diet, college dropout Gwyneth Paltrow has said: "I am challenging these evil genes by natural means. I am convinced that by eating biological foods it is possible to avoid tumors." Claims dietician and nutrition expert Ursula Arens: "Diet cannot prevent cancer. The risks of some of them can be reduced with certain diets, but some cancers, alas, show no link to dietary factors." Gwynnie's pal, fashion designer Stella McCartney says: "Lots of skin products use the same petrochemicals as the antifreeze in your car." To which pharmacologist Dr. Dominic Williams replies: "Propylene glycol is a very versatile chemical which is used primarily as a base in moisturizers, a solvent in food coloring, a carrier solvent in fragrances and in many anti-bacterial lotions. So it might sound scary, but it isn't." Good to know. [Telegraph]