Another day, another slew of stories about missing white women. 21-year-old Leah Hickman, a student at Marshall University in West Virginia, has been missing since Saturday night. There are no leads in her disappearance, and her friends have created a Facebook page to help aid in the search for her. Her absence was noted when she missed her shift at Dress Barn on Saturday. (I am desperately trying to keep myself from making a joke about how she probably ran away to avoid another Saturday night at the Barn of Dresses, but I'm too classy for that.) In other news, an arrest has finally been made in the murder of Emily Sander. Emily's original disappearance received a lot of salacious press because of her foray into internet nudie pics. Israel Mireles, with whom Emily left a bar on the night of her death, is now in police custody.

And lastly, police officer Bobby Cutts, who has been in jail for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend Jessie Davis, admitted to killing her. Though Cutts originally plead not guilty, he confessed the murder to his high school friend, Myisha Ferrell. Ferrell has agreed to testify against Cutts. Jessie Davis was nearly nine months pregnant when she was killed.

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