Yup, it's a second Today In Catalogs. (We couldn't resist). Now up: Sur La Table, the culinary/cookware retailer that likes to think of itself as the "Art And Soul Of Cooking." We just got the holiday edition of the catalog, and after taking a quick glance, began to notice that the company is shilling kitchen items that could easily be confused for sex toys. (So it's all the funnier that Sur La Table is a fave of Oprah, and on a few occasions, her audience members were even "treated to gift bags filled with products" from the company.) After the jump, our dirty minds assign different, ahem, uses to upscale cookware.

Cuisanart Smart Stick Stainless Steel Hand Blender or Electric, rechargeable vibrator with clit tickler and vulva-caresser attachments!

Crystal decanter or G-spot stimulator glass dildo!

Cookie press or Suction pump (for him)!

Barware set or Over-sized bullet vibe with various attachments!

Crystal decanter or Double-penetration glass dildo for anal and vaginal insertion!

Holiday spatulas or Holiday spanking paddles!