Eight years ago in weird, possibly bullshit "studies", anthropologists came to the conclusion that a left-handed part in the hair is both more common on men and a way to call attention, subconsciously, to the left (rational, analytical, supposedly manly) side of the brain. (Their findings follow that women who part their hair on the left are so-called "tough" chicks, often battling it out in male-dominated industries.) A part on the right of a man's head however, signals both eccentricity and a need to show off. (A right-handed part on a woman is a sign of femininity, caring, and nurturing.) As for those with no part? "Balanced, trustworthy, and wise." In the interest of political "science" (and as a way to combat boredom on a slow, Friday afternoon) we decided to take a page from our sister site Wonkette and put the country's current presidential candidates and their spouses to the test, to see who, uh, parts which way. Join us, won't you, in the gallery which begins below?