Above is a preview of Britney's new video "Piece of Me." The 30-second clip is packed with blonde extensions, cutoff jean shorts, paparazzi flashbulbs, and an ill-advised fur vest — basically just a Frappucino away from the Britney we see everyday anyway, except with better makeup. (She also might be wearing the same bikini top from her VMA performance.) The clip was leaked last night, and the full version may be posted on Britney.com today. (The "news" section on the Britney.com, says that it will actually premiere during tonight's airing of 20/20, as part of Chris Connelly's report on Brit and her relationship with the paparazzi. Think of it as the lemon wedge to follow the bad taste left in your mouth after the 20/20 investigation on the Halliburton rape scandal and the interview with Jamie Leigh Jones, which also airs tonight.)