While there are moments of the H&M S/S 2008 collection that are, as Tim Gunn would say, a little "costume-y", we have to admit: We're pretty drooly for most all of it. Sure, it doesn't always function as a "collection" (we're not sure how turbans and ethnic-print earth tones relate to short, swingy shifts in primary colors), but there's some good stuff. And to use the language of another Project Runway cast member, it "looks expensive." (And really, isn't that the whole point of H&M? Let it be cheap, let it be on-trend, and let it look much nicer than it cost!) And seriously, no harm, no foul if it falls apart in three-months time: A small price to pay for a faux-Mayle ensemble. Gallery begins below.

[All images courtesy of H&M]