An interesting sex test may lead you to believe you don't know as much about the entertaining act of intercourse as you might think. Scientifically! For instance, the sex lives of our prehistoric ancestors was more like that of "promiscuous, no-commitment bonobo chimpanzees" than "polygamist, harem-loving gorillas." Also, Ice Age women were "likely have enjoyed sex as much as their male mates." The idea of them as submissives being dragged around by their hair is a myth! And women in ancient Egypt prevented pregnancy by concocting drinks of lemon, milk and ground water-lily. But here's the sex test question that's really interesting: "Proportionally and compared to other primates, human males have... A) Tiny genitalia; B) Massive genitalia; C) About average." Not sure of the answer?

Duh. It's exactly what guys want to hear: Their junk is massive. Especially when compared to chimp peen.

"Sex Myths?" he asked. "Yes, please," she answered. [Publishers Weekly]
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