Jamie Leigh Jones, who will appear on 20/20 this week to discuss how she was gang-raped, imprisoned and threatened with the loss of her job while working as an administrative assistant for erstwhile Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root in Iraq two years ago, has started a foundation to help women like herself who are raped and/or harassed abroad by government contractors and others who have tricky legal status. How many women like that are there out here? Well, last January a Florida woman sued KB&R after being raped while in Iraq and under the company's employ. In a complaint we've excerpted after the jump, she contends her rapist stole a key to her apartment from a locker, which was unlocked because how else were the Halliburton boys supposed to coerce sex from their limited supply of female co-workers? She also maintains that her rapist he was so drunk he could barely stand.

(Drinking being, of course, in itself a violation of policy but a common theme running through pretty much every report of government contractor misdeeds in Iraq, especially those occurring as this did, right around the holidays.)

The Florida woman also maintains it was non-consensual sex, though Halliburton (apparently) internally determined it was consensual, while also protecting the identity of the alleged rapist from her, which is sort of doubly insulting if you think about it; not only are they alleging she consented to sex but they're alleging she consented to sex with someone she did not know.

The assailant continues to "move about freely." He has been neither reassigned nor punished in any way. Some screen shots of the plaintiff's filings against KB&R:


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