The Uncommon Goods catalog is full of unusual (often handmade) items that are actually quite fun! If you're not done with your Christmas shopping, find interesting glassware, cool gadgets and unique stocking stuffers, after the jump.

These "clever" glasses give the illusion that a wine goblet is floating inside the glass. Another good way to get that illusion is to drink a vat of wine.
(Illusion wine glasses, $75 for set of four)

For the crazy cat lady on your list: These glasses "explore feline duality." For instance, one side reads "purr" while the other reads "hiss"; also "thinker"/"player" and "love me"/"go away." There's also a set for dog lovers, but they're not as snarky.
(Cat Tao glasses, $35 for set of four)

Artist Adam Frank invented these oil lamps which cast shadows from tiny steel trees. Great for that night of smores and faux camping you've been longing to do.
(Lumen Shadow oil lamps, $48)

Old-skool is so hot right now! Dig these embroidered geography pillows that come in all 50 states, 14 cities, 14 regions and 5 countries.
($136 each)

Remember Anjelica Huston's character in The Life Aquatic? The foxy-smart-international older lady? She would wear this pretty jewelry.
(Ocean Life jewelry, $45-$85)

Clocky is the alarm clock that runs away looking for a place to hide after you hit snooze, beeping all the while, forcing you to get out of bed and chase it. Perfect for your slacker significant other.
(Clocky runaway alarm clock, $50)

The Sun Jar has a solar cell inside; you can set it on a windowsill and let it soak up the sun all day, then after dark you'll have a glowing night light.
(Sun Jar, $40)
Also: A great chess set for klutzes or people with kids: the pieces are rubber!
(Playmate chess set, $30)

A tag that says "This is not your suitcase" is an awesome stocking stuffer, no? (Set of six, $12)

Avast ye landlubbers! A pirate girl tampon case? Aye, me hearties, 'tis a capital idea!
(Brushed steel tampon cases, in pirate, mermaid, bathing beauty or secret agent, $28)

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