Janice Dickinson, "the world's first supermodel," was on Today this morning to promote the new season of her Oxygen show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, when Al Roker asked her to weigh in on those Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini photos. Like typical Janice, she contradicted herself, which is something that tends to happen when you're, well, Janice Dickinson and don't have any sort of mental filter. "Jennifer Love Hewitt isn't fat," Janice said. "If you wanna see fat, Tyra Banks is fat!" Ha! There's something sort of admirable about her longstanding disdain/love for Tyra. Maybe it's just because we share those feelings with her. (And is it just us or does it seem like Janice's unedited, un-Teleprompter-aided speech is aimed at TyTy as well?) Clip above.