Nigel Ferndale of UK newspaper Telegraph interviewed rocker, recovering addict and Givenchy muse Courtney Love, and his encounter is everything one could hope for, including Courtney chanting while clad in a black nightie, crying, and cursing up a storm, all of which prompts Ferndale to think to himself, "Thank goodness she's still bonkers." Some choice quotes from Ms. Love:

According to the tabs I'm dating Pete Doherty and we went to a Wetherspoons. Yeah, I get the joke. Fuck off. I hardly know Pete Doherty. I've talked to him once on the phone about rehab, because I'm a good rehab guide.

On protecting daughter Frances from the press:

It happens to me when I get papped in the UK, in the car. It's like Diana! Diana! Diana! You can't see anything because of the flashbulbs.

On her memory:

The other night... I got talking to Vivienne Westwood, Dame Vivienne, and I said, "Great to meet you. I'm a huge fan," and she said, "We've met before. And we talked on the phone for three hours one time." I had zero recollection of it. I said, "Was I horrible? Was I boring?" She said, "No, I would have hung up on you if you had been. You were terribly amusing."


On her crazy persona:

There is a disconnect between who I am, and how I live, and how I am perceived. I used to play up to it a bit when I was on drugs because who cares: sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, waaaah! I always seem to come number two to Keith Richards in lists of greatest hell-raisers of all time. But if I was a guy, I wouldn't even be on the list! I didn't know it was such a guy's job. It's like playing football in high heels and lipstick; no wonder it smears.

On Frances' future:

I am a good mother, and the proof is in the pudding. I would never, ever put Franny on television. I would never let her do press. She has been offered the lead in four films, and was offered a campaign for [the fashion label] Tommy Hilfiger, and I tell her about these offers, but she wants to be a political journalist anyway, so... I don't think any kid has been more wanted by both her parents and I don't think any parents have ever wanted to fuck up less than we did.


What are the chances Britney Spears will give a similar interview in twenty years?

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