It's really easy to just roll your eyes at Oscar de la Renta. He's been churning out the same damn look foreva and it's not, as the fashion folk would say, particularly "directional" or "modern" or any of that bullshit verbiage. But wanna know what his Pre-Fall 2008 collection is? Really, really beautiful. Yeah, it's a little bedazzled, full-skirted, and so expensive that it can only be bought by ladies-who-lunch. But while he might not be innovative, there's nothing stale about de la Renta, especially this collection, which is downright garden fresh. (Literally: Check all the non-old-lady-esque floral prints!) If we had all the money in the world, first we would save the children. Then the animals. And then, just maybe, we'd get the dress above. More fashions in the gallery below.