Most of us can agree: The Sex and the City-ization of our society has gone too far. But neither the proliferation of the pink cocktail nor the flock of wannabe Carrie Bradshaws springing up in college papers [And downtown New York City. -Ed.] seem quite as vulgar as the idea of Manolo Blahnik shoes for men. Apparently, the shoe line popularized by a certain HBO series is being brought to the menfolk come February, and if we may say so ourselves, the shit is god-awful. But don't take our word for it. In the interest of "fairness", we decided to conduct an informal survey of male responses to the fancy footwear and asked four men — Thomas, 28, a hetero web designer; Nick, 30, a hetero litigator; Gabe, 27, a hetero writer; and Bennett, 25, a WASPy, gay MBA candidate) for their thoughts. (Gabe, on the shoe shown above: "I'll wear a prissy shoe faster than the average straight man... but a slingback paired with a broad man's toe is like putting a spoiler on the back of a station wagon.") The dudes (well, mostly Thomas) continue to weigh in after the jump.

Jennifer: Holy shit. Am I more offended by the open toe? Or the slingback? I feel like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown — I just keep going back and forth.
Thomas: Hell no.

Jennifer: Christ, even the gays are going to be reluctant to slip into a leopard print thong. (Or at least a leopard print thong you put on your foot.)
Thomas: Over my dead body.

Jennifer: Gay? Or Euro? Who would scoff at these more?
Thomas: Ok, these are actually sorta cool.
Jennifer: Are you sure you're straight?

Jennifer: My, what red shoes you wear 80-year old grandma lady!
Thomas: Are you crazy?

Jennifer: Excuse me, but did a lepruchan just throw up on your feet?
Thomas: I mean, if I had a green outfit — those would be he right shoes for it?
(Nick: Perfect for my yellow suit!)

Jennifer: Wow. Those are a
Thomas: Wow: Those are a


Says Bennett: "Pity on the gays in Chelsea who will want to live our their 'I want to be just like Sarah Jessica' fantasies through this medium."

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