33% Of Boys Are Okay With Breaking Up Over Email

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No wonder there are so many crap emails from dudes! A survey just released by Nielsen Online says that only one-seventh of women think that breaking up via email is acceptable, while one-third of men think that it's decent behavior. Men are also much more likely to keep a secret email account: 17% of 'em have one, as opposed to 9% of women. But dudes aren't the only ones out there with a dubious moral compass. Women are more prone to virtual snooping than men are. 27% of women said they'd snooped someone's email account, while only 21% of men admitted to it. But perhaps the most icky statistic of all was this one: 25% of married people have joint email accounts. I'll let you know when husbandandjess@pleasekillmenow.com is ready to accept messages!

Call me old fashioned, but I think there's never an excuse to snoop in someone's email. If you suspect them of something, put on your big girl pants and address the problem like a woman! Don't go for privacy-invading bullshit. But what do you all think? Is it ever acceptable to search a significant other's email account?

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The 25% of couples with a joint email account are probably all over 50 and didn't grow up with email or even incorporate it hardcore into their professional lives. My grandfather (69) is a lawyer and still doesn't know how to use email. If I want to send him a quick message, I have to send it to my grandma's email account.

An email break-up... yeah. No. Phone break ups are crappy enough, but, in the case of, say, a long distance relationship, at least MORE acceptable (seriously, if you want to break up with someone you are dating who lives in No. Africa or something, you REALLY gonna fly out there for that?)

And no, it's not acceptable to snoop on an SOs email.