As has been breathlessly reported (at least in the British press) the Spice Girls reunion tour has begun, and Jesus fucking Christ: It looks fierce! (Cavalli-designed costumes, however? The man should be jailed for crimes against humanity.) But do the music reviewers agree? After the jump, a roundup of critics' comments, plus a gallery of the Girls' outfits.

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[The Spice Girls] whirled through all their greatest hits to wild audience enthusiasm, though this didn't spill over into a rapturous reception for their new song Headlines...and all pulled off solo numbers with aplomb. Except Posh, who was confined to strutting down a catwalk in aviator sunglasses to some Madonna...

— Lucy Managan, The Guardian

[C]ould they still pull it off? Yes, they could...And, despite the debate, the Spice Girls didn't mime, from what I could tell sitting in the front row. The opening sequence of Spice up Your Life, Stop and Say You'll Be There was a bold reminder of the glory days...[T]hey performed with every ounce of strength in their legs and passion in their hearts. Mission accomplished it said on the screen as they left the stage. And accomplished it had been.

The Times of London

The Girls hugged each other throughout the concert, seemingly to prove they have patched up the differences that led Geri Halliwell (Ginger) to leave the band in the late 1990s...The band's former audience tended to be young girls before the band broke up. Teenage and even younger girls turned out en masse to the concert, dressed in shiny skin-tight dresses with high heels.


[T]wo young fans discussing the possibility of a Pussycat Dolls reunion in 10 years...speculat[ed] that it wouldn't probably have the same resonance as the Spice Girls reunion (okay, they didn't use the word "resonance")... Mel B. appeared to be in her prime... Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham...looked awkward (if gorgeous) in her corseted outfits...Her dance moves were stiff and she appeared to be concentrating hard. She did not seem to be enjoying herself like the other Girls were....There have been persistent rumours about Posh's vocal contributions to the group - or lack thereof. They will not be put to rest after this show.

— Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail

"Girl Power" has aged surprisingly well... A whip-carrying Mel B even jumped into the audience to pick out a male volunteer to be strapped into restraints and male dancers were put in diamond-trimmed dog collars to be walked on all fours by the Spice women. Try explaining that to your 5-year-old...Beckham appeared to be the most emotional Spice Girl on Sunday night choking back tears on at least two occasions...and often embracing her fellow Spices on stage.

— Jane Stevenson, Winnipeg Sun

It appears the Spice Girls haven't lost their kitschy cool pop idol appeal....And the girls didn't disappoint when it came to living up to their individual caricatures. They were all just as we remember them — if a little older.

— Amy O'Brian, CanWest News Service