I'm very upset about last night's ANTM elimination results; they automatically make me irrationally despise Jenah (and Chantal, for that matter). I really liked how everyone was on Jenah's back about how she "doesn't have a personality." But then the judging panel was all, "Well, she's known for her sarcasm and unfunny, borderline offensive jokes." So that would mean that she does in fact have a personality — they just don't like it. That awesome "you have a tahhh-ribble walk" lady from the "go see" challenge put it best when she said, "Jenah has a different kind of personality. She needs to work on that." Oh, and what was with NFP Nigel Barker always taking the silly things these girls say to heart? Like when he got mad at CariDee on Cycle 7 for jokingly suggesting he has a stick up his ass? And when Jenah rightfully laughed in his face when he tried to give her a pep talk into not being intimidated by his importance? What a tool. Clip above, and, after the jump, I continue to miss Heather.

I'll tell you what, I'm gonna miss the shit out of her.

So. Much.

Seriously it's nuts that Jenah beat out Heather in a modeling competition, which, ultimately, should be based on looks. Actually, even Jenah said that herself in the beginning of the episode. Also, she has no idea how to present herself.

And she's completely clueless as to how to care for that weave. Why didn't Ken Paves give her a 5-minute instruction on an easy, DIY blowout?

But really, Heather was beyond gorgeous. This is what she looked like, not posing for a picture, but simply taking instruction from Nigel.

This is what Jenah looked like taking instruction from Nigel.

You be the judge:

Oh, and what about this?

She loveswhen she poses like this. I think I love when she poses like this, too. She's probably not even sitting in a chair behind that judging panel desk. She's just propped up like this. I think it has to do with airing herself out. Maybe she learned that during the vaginas episode of Tyra.

The nose is looking mighty worked on here. It's like she's LaToya Jackson in a Saleisha weave.