June: Jesus Christ, this was a rough month. The only thing more depressing than being forced to devote like 93% of our brain cells to Paris Hilton, whose handwriting proves she is a retard, was realizing that the photographer who took that iconic Vietnam War photo was actually suffering the same fate. Plus we got hemorrhoids. We felt like bad feminists for loving Knocked Up and slutty retards for loving Obama, and total Mean Girls for publicly firing a intern D-Splooge, with whom we are now on good terms. We alienated two of our very best friends on the basis of their name, and we clicked innocently on a link and saw OMG this. And Tracie had a conversation about vaginas with her boyfriend, who is no longer her boyfriend, and that makes us sort of sad. Oh yes, and to that end "Crap Email From A Dude" was born, the brilliant idea of our good friend. "Jessica." How much do we rue that day, ya wonder?