As Radar magazine puts it, what prom was for Carrie, Thanksgiving is for the Rachel Zoe's and Mary Kate's of the world: Torture. ("They're all going to laugh at you!) So what's a poor anorexic to do? Strategize, naturally! Here's an abridged version of their extra-special guide: "Cast your decision not to eat the noble bird as an act of respect for one of our greatest founding fathers. Then accuse everyone at the table of hating you for your freedom"; "Situate yourself between food-medicating uncles and hormonal nephews. Make like a seasoned air traffic controller and wave by dish after dish"; "Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring up the fact that Uncle Ralph is in his brother-in-law's pocket for $4,037 after that coke deal went sour. In the resulting family-on-family moral pile-on, sit back in your chair and nod off to the concerto of acid in your stomach." Thanks, Radar! We can feel our stomachs growling already...and oh the hunger feels so good! [Radar]